Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why use Paint Protection Film on my vehicle?

1. Why do I need Paint Protection Film?

Our Paint Protection Film is the most effective way to protect your car or motorcycle paintwork from the damage that can be caused by everyday motoring.  Our Paint Protection Film will protect your car or motorbike’s paintwork from stone damage, minor scuffs and abrasions as well as environmental damage.  Our Paint Protection Film is a tough, clear urethane film with excellent elastic properties and optical clarity.  It provides a durable protective barrier that doesn’t alter the vehicle’s appearance and it keeps it looking as good as new.  Our Paint Protection Film is OEM tested and motorsport approved in the harshest environments on 2 and 4 wheels.  It is widely used by teams at the very highest levels of both motorcycle and car motorsports.

2. Does Paint Protection Film just protect from stone chips?

No, because it is a durable, strong urethane film it will also protect paintwork against minor scratches and scuffs. Take a look at the BMW that hit the garage wall at 8mph, on the gallery page to see how effective the film is!

3. Why is Our Paint Protection Film an investment?

When you come to resell your vehicle the paintwork underneath the film will be as good as the day it was installed so it should command a higher resale price than a damaged car.

When to use Our Paint Protection Film.

1. When is the best time to install Our Paint Protection Film?

The best time to install Our Paint Protection Film is within 6 months of buying a new vehicle, before it has picked up much damage. The sooner the better as prevention is definitely better than cure!

2. Is it better to fit Our Paint Protection Film in the summer or winter?

It makes no difference at all what time of year the film is better as it will be fitted in Chipguard UK’s clean & tidy workshop, our mobile fitting service* is available upon request, we require you to have a very clean, dust free, warm and enough room to work around the vehicle. 


1. Do I need to do anything prior to installation of Our Paint Protection Film?

There is nothing that you need to do providing that the car or bike is relatively clean.  Chipguard UK will clean and prep the surfaces ready for installation.

2. Is the Our Paint Protection Film cut to shape on the vehicle?

No, definitely not.  Our dedicated templater has made pre-cut pattern designs for most makes and models of cars and motorbikes since 2000.  The template is cut by a plotter at Chipguard UK’s Waterlooville premises.  Once cut it is ready to be shipped for home installation (motorbikes only) or to be installed by Chipguard UK’s 3M trained fitters at our custom built workshop.

3. How long does it take to install Our Paint Protection Film?

Chipguard generally allow a day to fit cars, if you drop your car off at our Waterlooville workshop in the morning it should be good to go and ready for collection in the afternoon.  If you are fitting a DIY easy fit motorbike kit you should allow at least a couple of hours, depending on the size of the kit. 

4. How is the Our Paint Protection Film fitted?

The motorbike kits are designed for easy home fitting.  Chipguard UK’s Paint Protection Film motorcycle kits are supplied as pre-cut patterns together with full fitting instructions, a diagram of the components, a spray bottle and a squeegee. All car kits have to be fitted by our 3M trained and approved installers, on site at our designated workshop in Waterlooville.

Care and Maintenance

1. How do I take care of the Paint Protection Film?

Essentially you treat Paint Protection Film exactly the same as you would your normal paintwork, by regular washing and the occasional polish.  

2. How long does the Our Paint Protection Film last?

Provided that you take care of the film and that you don’t damage it the Paint Protection Film should last for years.  If you are unfortunate enough to scrape a wall or scuff your vehicle, the Paint Protection Film may get damaged but the paintwork underneath should be fine.  It is possible to remove and replace the damaged piece without having to buy a complete new Paint Protection Film kit.

3. Can I remove the Paint Protection Film?

Yes you can remove the Paint Protection Film.  If you warm the panel first it helps the Paint Protection Film to peel off.  Once removed it won’t leave a residue on the surface.  If the paintwork was original when the Paint Protection Film was fitted, it won’t be removed by taking off the film.  However, if the vehicle has been resprayed you should consult Chipguard UK before buying a Paint Protection Film kit.