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Paint Protector Car

At Chipguard UK, we understand the value of maintaining your car’s pristine appearance. Our paint protection solutions are designed to shield your vehicle’s paintwork from chips, minor abrasions, and daily wear and tear.

The Importance of Paint Protection

Our paint protection film acts as a robust barrier, maintaining your car’s high gloss finish and preventing damage from road debris, harsh weather, and UV rays. Our films are twice as strong as leading competitors, ensuring long-lasting durability. With the unpredictable UK weather, it’s vital to have protection that withstands rain, snow, and sun without deterioration. Our films provide continuous, year-round protection.

Premium Paint Protection Films

We offer a variety of top-quality paint protection films, including 3M Ventureshield, Suntek, and Xpel. These films are known for their clarity, strength, and glossy finish. They do not yellow over time, preserving your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

3M Ventureshield provides superior resistance to scratches and stains, making it a reliable choice for long-term protection. Suntek’s self-healing properties allow minor scratches to vanish with heat exposure, while Xpel offers a high gloss finish that is easy to maintain.

Tailored Fit for Every Vehicle

Our protection kits are pre-cut using precise computer-engineered patterns to ensure a perfect fit. Typically, our kits cover the front bonnet and wings, front bumper, headlights, mirrors, and wheel arches. Additional areas like door edges, steps, and rear bumper tops can also be protected. You can customise your kit to meet your specific needs. Every car is unique, and so are the protection requirements. Whether you drive a luxury sedan, a sporty coupe, or an SUV, our kits provide optimal coverage and protection.

Professional Installation Services

Our 3M trained technicians install the protection film professionally in our dedicated Waterlooville workshop. This method avoids cutting directly on your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and secure application.

Our technicians are experts with extensive experience and training. They use advanced tools and techniques to apply the film smoothly, without bubbles or creases. The controlled environment of our workshop allows for a dust-free application, enhancing the quality and durability of the installation.

Benefits of Our Paint Protection Films

  • Superior Strength: Twice as strong as leading competitors.
  • High Gloss Finish: Enhances vehicle appearance.
  • UV Stability: Prevents differential fading.
  • No Shrinkage: Maintains smooth surface without “orange peel” effect.
  • Long Warranty: Minimum five-year warranty for peace of mind.

How to Get a Quotation

To find out the cost of protecting your car with our paint protection film, select your car’s make and model on our product page. Click on “Learn More” and submit an enquiry. A member of our team will contact you with a free, no-obligation quotation.

FAQ Section

Q: What is Paint Protector Car?

A: Paint Protector Car is a urethane film that shields your car’s paintwork from chips, minor abrasions, and daily wear and tear.

Q: How long does the protection film last?

A: Our film comes with a minimum five-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

Q: Will the film affect the appearance of my car?

A: No, our film has a high gloss finish and will not yellow with age. It maintains the aesthetic appeal of your car.

Q: Can the film be customised to cover specific areas?

A: Yes, our kits are customisable. You can choose to protect areas like door edges, steps, and the top edge of the rear bumper.

Q: How is the film installed?

A: Our 3M trained technicians install the film in our dedicated workshop, ensuring a perfect fit without the risk of cutting on your vehicle.

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