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Protect your car paintwork with Our Paint Protection Film

You’ve just found the best paint protection film you will ever find for your car.

If you would like a quotation for Chipguard to fit paint protection film to your car please contact us.

Our paint protection film kits are pre-cut to fit your car like a glove and therefore do not need to be cut on the vehicle.  The film comes with a minimum 5 year warranty.  Our computer engineered patterns typically cover the front section of the bonnet and wings, front bumper, headlights, mirrors and wheel arches.  We can also protect other areas such as door edges, door steps and the top edge of the rear bumper.  It is possible for you to customise the kit to suit your requirements by choosing as many or as few components as you wish.  Our 3M trained technicians will install your chosen kit professionally in our dedicated Waterlooville based workshop.

Our paint protection Urethane film is the market leader in paint protection films and has been tested worldwide.  The results have shown time and time again that it is the clearest, strongest paint protection film on the market and twice as strong as it’s leading competitor.  It has a high gloss finish which protects the appearance of your vehicle and will not yellow with age. The strength of Our film protects your cars paintwork from chips, minor abrasions and day-to-day contamination, whilst it’s optical clarity and UV stability prevents differential fading. Our paint protection film will not shrink or creep, therefore preventing an unattractive “orange peel” appearance. Our films will not only preserve you car’s A1 appearance, but will also help to maintain it’s resale value.

How to Submit an enquiry

To find out the cost to protect your car with a professionally installed, Paint Protection Kit, simply select the make and model of your car from the list below and then click on the “Learn More” button.  You can then submit an enquiry for the package of your choice and a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your free no obligation quotation.

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